Owned My 4th Kindle

Those of you who know me well, know the experience that I have had since purchasing my first Kindle last year.

It was an early birthday present, and literally, one day before my 24th birthday, the Kindle ended up on the floor and was (by accident) stepped on by myself. My heart sank in my chest when I heart a faint snap, and realized that the screen was cracked.

Begging and crying to Amazon tech’s later, led to an offer of purchasing a refurbished Kindle Keyboard for $80.00. Husband, sweet and patient, actually allowed me to purchase a secondary one.

I’ve used this one for a year, and I still love this thing! Recently, I’ve discovered an awesome site called netgalley.com which allowed bloggers “professional readers” to apply to read books and then publishers can decide to let us read them or not (often before they are released!).

Also, many libraries now partner with Overdrive, and you have an option to check out e-books with your local library subscription.

Using my Kindle Keyboard is awesome, especially when it comes to making notes or highlighting passages that I want to share later during a review.

However, a few weeks ago whenever I was highlighting passages in the book I was reading, the e-ink would highlight and darken 3/4 of the screen. The problem was spontaneous, but continued to happen. I called their support, and we reset the Kindle (Kindle #2) to factory settings, to see if that would fix was the tech believed to be a software issue. I hated this, because it meant losing the “my clippings” file,  which is the only way I can access highlights from books I’ve loaned from the library after I’ve returned them.

The next day, the Kindle still had the same issue.  I called them to report it, and they said they’d ship me a new (refurbished one). While out at dinner with friends, I received an email saying that this new Kindle (Kindle #3) had shipped and would arrive the next day! I was duly impressed by Amazon’s customer service! Also, since it was still within the first year of the purchase of Kindle #2 they said that the extended warranty that I paid for could be transferred to this new Kindle!

Kindle #3 arrived. I unboxed it, then tried turning it on. It was slow to show any response actions. I tried turning it on a few times, and it showed the updating screen with a loading bar…this became stuck. I attempted a reset, and the loading bar progressed a little further, but not much. Waiting for it to fully charge, it was still frozen. We contacted support, and when I heard my husband confirming my address on the phone to them, I figured I’d be receiving another one.

Due to ordering the 4th Kindle on a Friday night, I did not receive the next Kindle till late Tuesday night. I was worried about not receiving it before we left for vacation. It finally did arrive, and while it was slow to respond, it eventually did update, and so far everything has been okay.

Mailing the Broken Kindles Back to Amazon

This meant on my 8/9 hour drive to visit my in laws for Thanksgiving, I was downloading and reorganizing my collections, many of which I’ve transferred via USB, so I could not download them from the archive. User tip what you should do is install the PC or MAC version of Kindle, and copy your collections to your computer. Then, when re-downloading books from your archive there is the option to download a collection from another Kindle/Kindle computer program. If you purchase a new Kindle before resetting your old one, you could copy it’s collection, but usually to show that it’s nonoperational  you’ll need to do a factory reset.

Honestly, I’m a little nervous to use this kindle now. I can’t believe that I’ve personally owned 4 Kindles in a year! (Sending back all of the broken ones to Amazon to keep the free replacement). I will definitely continue with Amazon Kindles, their customer service is awesome! Though, if/when this one has software issues again maybe I’ll be able to upgrade to a newer more reliable model.

Hopefully,  you’ll save a lot of time managing your Kindle collections the next time you upgrade your Kindle!

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