Welcomed Peace into My Life in 2016

Its that time, the new year, and I gots goals. I gotta try at any rate :0).

2016-01-01 19.56.13

Combined, or as a way to focus my intentions I’ve chosen a word again: peace. I’m going to explore this word, let go of some anxieties, and rely on God. I’m sick of the meaning of my name “peace” being a taunting irony.

Hear are some intentions (by category). Some of them are more specific than others, some I’ll add to throughout the year.

Spiritually: – more quality in quiet time, -practice spiritual discipline 1/week, -attend more sunday school events, -more faithful to prayer, -more faithful to Bible Study, -attend a retreat, -increase knowledge through podcasts and books, -increase service, -increase memory verses.

Health/Fitness: -8+ hours of sleep, -Drink 30 oz of water per day, -increase to 5,500 steps per day, -ballet goals and ballet outside of class, -restart running/walking, -eat more fruits and veggies, -eat out less; eat more meals at home, -arm work out, -break 100 bowling.

Home: -Develop effective chore schedule, -gratitude about home, -maintain cleanliness, -decorate seasonally, -organize space well, -declutter regularly, -have less things

Marriage: -Create safe haven, -pray together, -more dates, -more back scratches, -decrease selflessness, -make fewer requests (nag less)

Friends & Family: -Regularly make plans, -speak with parents regularly on the phone, -set up chat dates with long distance friends, -write letters to family

Organization: -organize craft supplies, -organize all digital photos, -create a photo system that includes backing up media, -complete projects, -organize jewelry,

Blog: -post in a timely fashion, -1-2 posts per month, -restart book blog?

Career: -better attitude with notes, -professional development, -develop goals, -find trainings, -current research, -TFCBT, -concurrent notes, -study DSM V, -research different school intervention models

Creative/fun: -Plan local travel trips, -make scrapbook time, -try new things, -practice self care, -celebrate seasonal activities, -finish projects, -read 36 books

Photography: -organize all data, -back up all photos, -create a photo process, -learn more editing, -photography adventures, -post to fb page, -create brand.


Here’s how I did in January:

Spiritually: I have been more faithful to services, and doing quiet time. Still have not increase in prayer as I would have liked.

Health and Fitness: Have increased amount of steps to 5,400, inconsistent with water drinking and getting 8 hours of sleep a night. I’m not dancing regularly outside of class, but I did set up dance goals for myself:

2016-01-17 20.02.44

Home: I’m working on decluttering to make the packing process easier, but completing weekly chores has been embarrassingly ineffective.

Marriage: I’m excited to say that I’ve been more selfless about back scratches, though I could offer them more.

Friends and Family: I have not reached out, but that will be the target goal of this month.

Organization: Mostly, things have just been organized into packing piles, versus organized into better usable systems.

Blog: I have blogged many more times than expected, but I have not blogged about events in a timely fashion.

Career: I’m beginning to branch out and create future goals (moreso than just get my license) and really discover the type of counseling that I’m most interested in. The idea of being specialized in certain clients and diagnoses really appeals to me. I was able to do some study time during the snow days, but I need more.

Creative/fun: No fun travel trip yets, and I wasn’t able to scrapbook as much as I would have liked, but I am working towards my reading goals.

Photography: Attempting to create a process by which I upload my camera phone pictures at the end of each month. Eventually I’ll sort them into other categories of pictures.


Well that is how I did for my first month, how did you do? Any tips or thoughts?

Below are my OLW pages

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