Cheered at a Half Marathon

This past weekend I had the awesome opportunity to cheer on one of my best friends as she completed her first half marathon. She had been training for several months, and it was finally that weekend!

2015-04-04-Cville Half_94

I felt close to her running journey because we did our first 5k together, and I was able to babysit several times while her hubby was out of town so she could keep up with her running.

2015-04-04-Cville Half_17

It was incredible to watch her persist over the winter months, as it’s often too cold for me to even want to go to the gym, let alone run outside.

I admire this lady so much as a Christian, wife, mother, friend, and dancer. She is often filled with joy in her various roles, and to see her carve out time to discipline herself was truly inspiring!

2015-04-04-Cville Half_2

So how could I not insist on documenting this experience?!

2015-04-04-Cville Half_16

This half marathon was a little ways away, and it included an over night stay with another best friend from college!

2015-04-04-Cville Half_56

As always we stayed up way too late chatting that night, I have no idea how R was ready to run 13.1 miles the next day!

2015-04-04-Cville Half_58

In the dark we drove into the city center. I was more outwardly excited than R; This was the biggest race I’d been to and the energy was great!

2015-04-04-Cville Half_60

We saw her start the race, then walked over to get coffee. It was very windy, I didn’t envy R at all. B and I were very content with our hot beverages and savory breakfast items. I felt a little guilty.

2015-04-04-Cville Half_62


While enjoying our breakfast B and I worked on our encouragement posters. I really wanted to write something ridiculous and make her laugh, but I had no creative phrases. Also, I apparently have no art skills.

2015-04-04-Cville Half_63

R told us that she would finish in 2.5 hours. B predicted that she’d push faster with the energy in the race. We got in place to wait. I wanted to tear up as each person crossed the finish line. There is so much on their faces, mostly dogged determination. I felt honored to witness these moments.

2015-04-04-Cville Half_64

Then came R! I excitedly snapped all of the pictures. She crossed the mark at 2:22:43. I was so proud of her.

2015-04-04-Cville Half_81

2015-04-04-Cville Half_89

We walked a bit before deciding to return to B’s place. R had a chance to wash the race off and then we went to Cup of Noodles. And we are such good friends that we insisted that she wear her medal out to lunch! Seriously, she just ran her feet off, might as well show it off a little.

2015-04-04-Cville Half_102

Little did we know the depth of conversations we’d have among the noodle fare. But, it taught me a lot about true friendship. We’ve known each other for 8 years and we are definitely not done learning about ourselves and life. I’m lucky to have such wonderful ladies in my journey :).

2015-04-04 11.34.12

Challenged My Mane Style

Hello April!

2015-02-25 12.00.59

This month I’m thinking a light-hearted challenge: 30 days of different hairstyles!

Back in February I went to the hairstylist. In preparing for this hairdo appointment I was brainstorming for AGES trying to figure out what I wanted. My first instinct was the cut it all off, I was tired of it being filled with static and stringy, despite hubby’s love for the long hair.

BUT, I was brushing it in the mirror a few days before the appointment and realized that I like its silky longness, and it really can be beautiful, so I planned to keep it. If I cut it short now, it’d be awhile before it would be long enough to try all of those fun braids that I keep telling myself that I’m going to try…so I decided to get it highlighted instead!

Dimension for the win!

Now is the time for this fun challenge, I need to try to learn all of these crazy braids that I see on Pinterest. As someone interested in Youth Ministry it really is time that I learn how to do a french braid, let alone how pretty are those waterfall braids.

Its going to take determination, patience, and YOU! I figured I needed some accountability to keep up with this, so find my on my instagram with #erinsmaneevent (This pun may or may not have been crafted while listing to my Disney station on Pandora).

Got some good hairstyles you think I should try? Feel free to send them my way!