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Become a Ballerina

Back in December I took pictures of the Christmas performance of the dance ministry at my church. This included the members of the company as well as the kidlets and teens from the dance classes. I was entranced by their beauty and graceful strength. Later, I crawled the website to learn that they offered an […]

Lost Motivation in January

My personality type is ENFP and we are infamous for being able to start a bazillion different things, and we are lucky if we finish one of them. When it comes to New Year’s resolutions there is this same tendency. Trying to incorporate consistent change in my life I’ve adopted the “Monthly” resolution process, but […]

Soared into 2015

The past couple of years I’ve struggled with resolutions, but something that does help guide my year is picking a word to meditate on. This year I thought I’d pick light, because I could study what God’s word says about light, take fun light photography, and focus on being an individual of warmth. But the […]

Reviewed My 2014 Travels

Unlike any other year, because of my brief stint in a full time soul-consuming job, I became behind in my life documentation practices (both scrapbooking and blogging). Also posts were delayed due to taking thousands of pictures with the DSLR in each trip that required sorting and editing. The main thing that sticks out to […]

Christmas’d In Upstate NY in 20...

This Christmas we were able to travel to visit husband’s family in Upstate. Mom and I made cookies again…which I horribly butchered. Seriously, I can’t even make cookies in as nice a shape as my mother in law. PLUS, the recipe set me up for failure with waaaay too much baking soda/powder.   We were […]

Visited the Zippo Case Museum

Because I get a little stir crazy during vacations my Italian Mama Bama coordinated with the husband to plan a quick day trip. We went to Bradford, PA to see the Zippo/Case museum. This was a fun trip for my hubby and siblings when they were kids. PLUS, I’m kind of afraid of lighters. (I […]

Celebrated My 27th Birthday

This birthday was probably one of my best. I got to go to Christmas Town, I got to pet a penguin, plus I got to spend lots of time with friends. I was taking advantage of all of the birthday coupons that I had. We went to IHoP for a pre game birthday event. Our […]

Christmas Towned at Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens would open for Christmas festivities when I move away from the tidewater. BUT, in 2014 I finally got to go! After an awesome time getting to meet a penguin, we explored Williamsburg, and then returned to the park. I’d read to get there early, and I would definitely agree with this. The rides […]

Pet a Penguin at Busch Garden’s...

For my birthday I pulled some leverage to swing a trip out to Busch Gardens. They offered flexible tickets for $12 for certain dates, and one of those happened to be the day after my birthday. Then, I used my cute blue puppy dog eyes to ask if we could visit with the penguins, and […]

Nature-walked with Family

Sometimes I don’t go places, but its still a travel adventure when family gets to visit me! My mom and step father were able to come visit us in November before Thanksgiving. The mountains offer beautiful parks and areas to visit, so we took to exploring them. I’m always game for photography adventures! We walked […]

About Me

Hi! My name is Erin, and this is a place to "process out loud" in the words of my friends. You've probably noticed that the theme is kind of a wide theme, that is much like my life as I'm interested in MANY things: traveling, photography, jogging (its new!), being crafty, homesteading, firearms/self defense, and learning how to be a good wife. Through all of these things my goal is growing to know Christ more, and to make Him known. Each post shares a little about the promise that God has given me, that He'll finish what he began in me! (Phil 1:6) So thank you for joining me on this wonderful adventure.

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