Offered RSS Subscriptions By Category

It has been about a month since I’ve last posted, and this is definitely not for lack of wanting to post or lack of memorable adventures, but rather because I have been researching subscription options per certain categories. I am someone who has diverse interests, however, you may have come to this blog only interested in my Firearms & Politics experiences, and really not care about scrapbooking or photography, thus you find yourself deleting the emails. I would hate to lose you as a reader, so I’ve simplified the categories on my blog to offer RSS feed subscriptions by category. I would have ideally, loved to offer category subscriptions by email, but am currently unaware of how to structure that.


Currently, there will be 4 categories:

Mia Dolce Vita: Italian and means “My Sweet Life” this will be the vast majority of my posts, from special holidays with friends and families, experiments in new hobbies, etc. This will be the catch all for most things. This category will focus on my daily life, and my Christian thoughts.

Firearms & Politics I have a large passion for sharing my knowledge of firearms to help make everyday carry easier for other women. I will continue to share about my forays in this environment, gun competitions, new weapons/holsters, as well as gun lobbying. I will also share about my political actions and thoughts as a Libertarian.

Crafty DIY: My mom is an amazingly creative woman, and constantly inspires me to create new things with what I have. I have recently rediscovered my passion for crafts, and would love to share it with you! This will include simply craft projects like scrapbooking, but will also focus on DIY projects like making detergent with the basic materials (homesteading). This section may also include recipes as I develop more and more cooking skills.

Travels: I love traveling, so of course I need a specific category for this. Some of these posts may be my first time at certain restaurants, both local and further away, as well as theatre reviews etc.

See? Pretty simple, only four categories for now, but I may brainstorm and add more in the future.

In order to subscribe to one of these RSS feeds click on the home page where you will find the list of categories. Click on the orange link next to the category or categories that you would wish to subscribe to and copy and paste that URL into your favorite RSS feed reader.