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Reviewed My January Resolution Progre...

Can you believe that it is already the last day in January??! Earlier this month I discovered a really cool idea with regards to making New Year’s resolutions with cool monthly printables via Pinterest. January’s theme would be organization. I would organize my physical apartment, and I would brainstorm new practices to organize my everyday […]

Lobbied For Gun Rights in 2014

January means it’s that time again…time to gather with the rest of VCDL and other organizations and lobby our state representatives and let them know our opinions on current legislation. Husband and I have been doing this now for 5 years. Feel free to check out my reports on our past years: 2011, 2012, 2013. This […]

Walked Richmond’s Canal

We were in town to lobby for gun rights, as we have for the past 5 years. We’ve discovered that staying the night before make is much easier than making the drive in the morning, plus it means an exciting adventure in a different city. Using my husband got a good deal at the […]

Resolved in January.

  We are 10 days into 2014 and yes, I’m just crafting resolutions now. The problem with resolutions for me is that unless they are super duper specific they don’t happen, and in order to create specific resolutions you have to be willing to actually commit to said resolutions. It is much easier to be […]

Waved Goodbye to 2013

Waved Goodbye to 2013

How do we wave goodbye to this crazy year? By introducing the cutest 1 year old that I know to the amazingness of sparklers. Unfortunately, she wasn’t very entertained/expressive. I blame the fact that she skipped one of her afternoon naps. Either way, we all had fun toasting the new year in with great conversations […]

Completed My Counseling Internship

All of 2013 has been about the culmination of my Professional Counseling Master’s degree, begun in January 2010. This has been an incredibly long journey through which I’ve really struggled. I’ve wrestled with papers, tests, rejection from internship opportunities, no shows, insecurities, and it finally came down to the wire. The question of the hour […]

Decorated a Live Christmas Tree

This season the curiosity of a real live Christmas tree got to me. I kept chattering about it so much that my husband decided to surprise me with one after a grocery store trip. It was so exciting getting it set up. At first we weren’t sure if it would even fit in the stand, […]

Welcomed My 26th Year of Life

Welcomed My 26th Year of Life

With the stress of completing my internship it was hard to focus on my birthday… but because of my all of my loved ones…I did manage to span the festivities over an entire week! My presents arrived early from my mother in law, wrapped in the traditional Disney princess wrapping :0). My birthday was in […]

Disliked Fall

Disliked Fall

Fall is probably one of my favorite seasons. I’m pretty sure that every season I find something to like and dislike as I eagerly await for the next season, but fall is pretty awesome. I love the changing leaves that make the mountains around here look like they are on fire. One day I’d love […]

Attended a Piano Guys Concert

Attended a Piano Guys Concert

I’ve never actually attended many concerts in my life. The ones that I have, have been Christian ones with my youth group or at college. I’ve enjoyed those…but it was fun to go to a different one. I was a little nervous planning this event with two of my friends because of the time required […]

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Hi! My name is Erin, and this is a place to "process out loud" in the words of my friends. You've probably noticed that the theme is kind of a wide theme, that is much like my life as I'm interested in MANY things: traveling, photography, jogging (its new!), being crafty, homesteading, firearms/self defense, and learning how to be a good wife. Through all of these things my goal is growing to know Christ more, and to make Him known. Each post shares a little about the promise that God has given me, that He'll finish what he began in me! (Phil 1:6) So thank you for joining me on this wonderful adventure.

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