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Planned an April Showers Baby Shower

Planned an April Showers Baby Shower

This is a much belated post! In January, friends and I conspired to wish one of our favorite new Mom to Be a secret Baby Shower. Through Xtreme Impact, we’d come to admire our leaders, and were excited to watch them embark on this new phase in their lives. So we conspired! And can I […]

Supported My Husband Through a Job Ch...

Supported My Husband Through a Job Change

The past few weeks you’ve heard us mention my husband’s various interviews. Ironically, it all began the afternoon that we first began to have our photography adventures downtown. We were sitting inside Bojangles just chatting. We made the off handed comment “its not like we’re moving any time soon,” and husband received a phone call […]

Rolled My Ankle in Vibrams (C25K Week...

Rolled My Ankle in Vibrams (C25K Week 14)

Well…I was well on my way to completing the Couch to 5k plan. I’d completely day 1 and 2 which by the way totally kicked by butt, by the way. Then, the weekend happened and I was unable to run that Saturday or Sunday evening. I was finally able to get around to it Monday. […]

Completed Week 3 (C25k Week 13)

Completed Week 3 (C25k Week 13)

  This past week I actually completed the 3rd week of training, yay! I miss feeling excited, but that happened when I felt like my body was beasting week 1 (after SEVERAL weeks of running it). Now, I may be completeing the weekly program…but let me tell you I’m totally fighting with myself each step […]

Completed Week 2 (C25k Week 12)

Completed Week 2 (C25k Week 12)

This week was the first time in 12 weeks of training that I was going to be moving onto the 2nd program week of Couch 2 5k, and I was very nervous! Monday, I got myself out there, preparing my mind and body with how much tougher week 2 would be. I did my standard, […]

Been Fully Recovered (Car Wreck Recov...

Been Fully Recovered (Car Wreck Recovery Week #6)

I’ve just completed the last official recovery week, and along with it the majority of the summer. It is crazy to think that with the diagnosis of the break to my transverse process I believed that my adventures for the summer were over, but God has allowed me to heal so quickly! I’m definitely not […]

Recompleted Week 1 (C25k Week 11)

Recompleted Week 1 (C25k Week 11)

This past week I was surprised to see that my body was able to push through to complete two more days of Week #1 Couch to 5k program! Each instance my distance was less and less. The first run was about 1.5 miles, the next at 1.3 and the final one was only a mile. […]

Owned a Truck (Car Wreck Recovery Wee...

Owned a Truck (Car Wreck Recovery Week #5)

At the beginning of the week husband was supposed to have a pretty important job interview. Due to flooding at said location they canceled on him. He was all dressed up with no place to go. So what does he do? Take his favorite girl on a dressed up dinner date, of course! I always […]

Returned to Jogging (C25k Week 10)

Returned to Jogging (C25k Week 10)

After week #4 of my recovery I decided to try returning to jogging, as the specialist said this would be okay. I was very excited, but when I attempted that Monday my pelvic bone would have none of it. My body didn’t feel exhausted, but each step was sending pain up my leg to my […]

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