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Been Overwhelmed By God’s Bless...

Been Overwhelmed By God’s Blessings (Car Wreck Recovery Week #4)

I’m sure that we will be overwhelmed by God’s grace many times in our life, but this past week definitely had us in humbled tears. Let alone that our communication as been very good, given the fact that in order to have someone help you asking them nicely goes a long way. God decided to […]

Toured Old City Cemetery

Toured Old City Cemetery

Saturday, we continued our recent pattern of photography excursions about the city. We decided to check out an old cemetery in our area. I had heard a lot about its beauty. Many wedding and engagement photo shoots take place here! We drove there, and realized that the still functioning cemetery was set up much like […]

Made Fun Fetti Dip

Made Fun Fetti Dip

During the first week of my car wreck recovery I was wildly in love with teddy grahams. I’d hoped to bring them and cake icing on the overnight fun trip at the end of the mission trip. It was a classic within my time in my youth group back home. It was ironic that when […]

Attended a Pinterest Party

Attended a Pinterest Party

During the school year our Sunday School class literally has hundreds of people in it. Since its smaller for the summer there have been some great activities to foster getting to know each other better. It is sometimes difficult for me to approach people, because likely they aren’t a guest, they’ve been going there longer […]

Eulogized My Car

Eulogized My Car

At the very end of things, I tend to reflect on the very beginnings. This is overall a pretty silly post, but still shares how God orchestrates things when we are completely unaware. Ever since the accident I’ve missed my car terribly. Driving around, now, I keep pointing out the make and model when I […]

Returned to Walking (C25k Week 9)

Returned to Walking (C25k Week 9)

The specialist said that I needed to wait to begin jogging until until 4 weeks. At the time wasn’t sure if that meant I could begin to train again at four weeks, or after. I decided since I was still decently sore to wait until after four weeks. However, that meant that I could begin […]

Returned to Regular Life (Car Wreck R...

Returned to Regular Life (Car Wreck Recovery #3)

This week I have been continuing to feel much better, so much so, that I feel the yearning to return to my regular way of life. This is exciting, but also makes me feel wary, knowing that it would be easy to push myself too much. Therefore, much of this week was still about balancing […]

Discovered a New Couple Hobby

The husband and I have a tendency to sit around at home on our laptops, frustrated because we aren’t doing anything. We’ve struggled to find a hobby to do together because we tend to be identified by our many differences. Since he didn’t enjoy my hobbies (reading, etc), I ended up doing more of his […]

Driven an Electric Cart (Car Wreck Re...

My second week of recovery began with me reintroducing myself to driving. Right after the accident even riding in the car with the husband driving was scary. I kept feeling like cars were going to randomly slam into us. However, the more I was in the car, I began to feel the regular ebb and […]

Made Eggless Firecracker Sugar Cookie...

Made Eggless Firecracker Sugar Cookies

With our friends we ended up having a 5th of July party, since all of those who worked for the school had that day off. We planned a cook out since one friend’s parents were in from out of town. I figured this was the perfect time to make the “Firecracker Sugar Cookies” that I’d […]

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