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Clocked Over 200 Internship Hours!

Clocked Over 200 Internship Hours!

I know it has been awhile since I updated you on the progress of my internship…and now I’m just so excited I could burst. I keep going around telling all of the other staff at my site where I’ve arrived! Here are the stats: Week #15 of internship: 44.25 Face to Face, 7.5 Individual Supervision, […]

Danced with the Daffodils

Danced with the Daffodils

This winter has been particularly windy and cold in my opinion, I am excited that it is “officially” over. While others may relish the opportunity to wear cute sweaters and scarves, I look forward to that time of the year where I can step outside the apartment doors and not worry about retreating inside for […]

Attended a New Connections Membership...

Attended a New Connections Membership Class

The weekend before last flashed by in a blur. Husband and I were able to attend the weekend intensive class designed to be the first step towards membership at the church we’ve been attended for the past few years. Usually, this class is offered as a Wednesday night elective over the course of 14 weeks. […]

Been Confronted While Open Carrying

Been Confronted While Open Carrying

This past weekend I had an interesting and rare experience while carrying a firearm, we received more of a negative reaction from an individual who was fairly respectful, but just wanted to stop us and let us know their negative opinion of our actions. In the state of Virginia you can openly carry a firearm […]

Studied Play Therapy (Gun/Agressive/V...

Studied Play Therapy (Gun/Agressive/Violent Play)

It is week #12 of my counseling internship and here is the breakdown of my hours: 30.25 face to face, 4.25 individual supervision, 5 group supervision, and 119 related activities hours, all of this adds up to a total of 158.5 hours. One therapy technique that has fascinated me is play therapy. For my undergraduate […]

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Hi! My name is Erin, and this is a place to "process out loud" in the words of my friends. You've probably noticed that the theme is kind of a wide theme, that is much like my life as I'm interested in MANY things: traveling, photography, jogging (its new!), being crafty, homesteading, firearms/self defense, and learning how to be a good wife. Through all of these things my goal is growing to know Christ more, and to make Him known. Each post shares a little about the promise that God has given me, that He'll finish what he began in me! (Phil 1:6) So thank you for joining me on this wonderful adventure.

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