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Dressed Professionally

Week #11 of counseling internship. I have a total of 151.75 hours (yay!) Here is the specific breakdown: 26 hours face to face, 4.25 hours individual supervision, 5 hours of group supervision, and 116.5 hours of related activities hours. I’ve been lucky the past few years that I’ve never really been required to dress professionally […]

Taught DISC Personality Styles in Cou...

Taught DISC Personality Styles in Counseling

Counseling internship week #10 with a total of 126 hours! Broken down this is: 23.25 face to face, 4.25 individual supervision, 4 group supervision, 94.5 related activities. The other week my former supervisor was asked to share about DISC personality styles during group supervision/staff meeting. The office manager passed the printed handouts to me to […]

Made My Own Laundry Detergent

Made My Own Laundry Detergent

A few months ago I mentioned on twitter that I was interested in learning more about homesteading including: canning, and making my own detergent. A friend replied back saying that she made her own detergent all the time, and it was super duper easy. Of course this was all of the encouragement that I needed. […]

Liked My Husband the First Time We Me...

Liked My Husband the First Time We Met

In honor of Valentine’s day I thought I’d share a cute story about husband and myself: I didn’t actually like him the first time that we met. In college one of my roommates (the one that I hadn’t previously known) during freshman orientation week (when that was still a week long) asked me if I […]

Had a Nightmare About Self Defense

Had a Nightmare About Self Defense

The other night I awoke early in the morning after a scary nightmare where I needed to use self defense, but was struggling to do so. I thought that scary was needing to run away in a dream and feeling like you couldn’t. I found myself (in my dream) in a situation where I was […]

Clocked 100 Hours In My Internship

Clocked 100 Hours In My Internship

Week #9 in my counseling internship, and I have just clocked 100 hours! This means that I only have 500 more to go, it is awesome to see it adding up so quickly. Here is the breakdown: 18.5 hours Face to Face, 3.25 hours of Individual Supervision, 4 hours of Group Supervision, and 74.25 hours […]

Had “Signal Leakage” Disr...

Had “Signal Leakage” Disrupt My Internet

Sorry for the lack of posts, this time it wasn’t completely my fault. Since the 28th of January our internet access has been unreliable. Off and on we suffer from slow speeds from our service with Comcast, but that early Monday morning we were suffering from complete lack of internet. So, poor husband was on […]

About Me

Hi! My name is Erin, and this is a place to "process out loud" in the words of my friends. You've probably noticed that the theme is kind of a wide theme, that is much like my life as I'm interested in MANY things: traveling, photography, jogging (its new!), being crafty, homesteading, firearms/self defense, and learning how to be a good wife. Through all of these things my goal is growing to know Christ more, and to make Him known. Each post shares a little about the promise that God has given me, that He'll finish what he began in me! (Phil 1:6) So thank you for joining me on this wonderful adventure.

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