Classified in IDPA

About a month ago husband competed in the first ever IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association, match in our area, as a new chapter had opened at a local tactical training center. I took his video and some pictures and planned to post about them. In watching him I realized that this was something that I could do. At IDPA matches there is definitely a level of competition, but most importantly is the opportunity to practice skills that could be used in the defensive use of my handgun in a real situation. Usually there are stages or events that are built around various scenarios. The great thing is that IDPA regularly has matches once a month, so this month, because it was a newer league/chapter, they held a Classifier. Anyone who wants to compete in an official match must go to one of these events, where you will be ranked to know which level you would compete at.

I was very excited to go. These stages were more basic, shooting in specific sequences, walking while shooting, shooting with only your weak hand, and shooting from behind cover. My goal in shooting this, was honestly just the experience of it. I’ve been shooting for the past 2-3 years off and on, so I’m not brand new, but a lot of my fundamentals are still lacking because of some bad habits that I learned. It would be very easy for me to become overly focused on the score, but I knew that no matter what I did that I’d still probably be ranked “Novice” (which is the lowest category).

Welp. I had a couple of extra chances in the beginning of stage 1, the video is actually the “third take.” My first attempt I was limp-wristing, so a stove pipe malfunction occurred. Husband had specifically practiced these types of malfunctions with me, and how to quickly clear them. Therefore, I was not shocked when this occurred, and even my Safety Officer commented that I “cleared it like a pro.” However, this caused me to have the wrong number of rounds to finish the strings for that stage.

On my second attempt I shot through half of the first string, and a piece of hot brass flew into my face. That isn’t unusual so I continued, however became very alarmed once I realized that piece of brass was stuck underneath my glasses. In my head I handled this a lot better, and was unfortunately forced to face how badly I reacted while watching the video. I did the “girl reaction” which included spinning around and sweeping my husband while I could not guarantee that my finger was off the trigger :-/ Fail. And I have a lovely little burn next to my eyebrow. Its okay, I’m proud of my battle wounds.

I did better than I expected. I’ve never shot using the beeper timer, and never shot in any sort of competitive match. So this just helps me to have less nerves in the next actual competition. In any of the videos you can tell that I shoot low, I end up shooting a lot of dirt/gravel. Basically, in a self defense situation I’ll just shoot the bad guys ankles…I bet they’d still run away :0)

My overall score was a 317 I was still a Novice, and husband’s score was 148.68; he classified as a SharpShooter. Another friend who competed in our group shot amazingly well, shooting a 212 when he needed a 210 to classify as a Marksman. I could be very discouraged by my high score (mainly for shooting too quickly and too low that I missed about 80% of the targets in Stage 3). But, I am accepting it, and I know that my score can only get better from here!

You can see the tiny burn mark right below my eyebrow.

Below are one of the videos, more should be posted to my youtube in the future:

Been Asked to Leave an Establishment By an Officer

You can never say that your life as someone who openly carries a firearm isn’t interesting, though honestly, the husband and I have had 99% positive experiences from random people or officers who have approached us. And tonight isn’t even that 1%.

The husband and I decided to frequent one of our favorite eateries, Subway. We have gone to this place carrying our firearms for as long as I can remember. The husband open carries on his lunch breaks, and we visit often on the weekends and the evenings. While ordering our subs, the husband noticed that the lady making our subs seemed sort of nervous, and while we were casually eating our food in the front corner kept glancing in our direction.

Then, just before we were about to leave an officer shows up and stops dead in his tracks once he sees us (I know I shouldn’t have had my feet up on the seat again, Taco Bell must have told them about me). I actually wasn’t expecting him to approach us, and he said, “are you guys almost done eating” to which the husband said, “yes, how can we help you?” He says, “I was called because the workers saw that you were carrying and were concerned, do you guys have any ID on you?” Husband stated, “Yes we do, however we are not providing them because we are not doing anything illegal” (the recommended response). The officer then shared, “then, I’m going to have to ask you to leave” Husband then asked the officer to clarify that the actual Subway workers were asking us to leave, the officer affirmed.

We politely left, but I will not lie. I was loudly venting all the way home in the car. I was like “who in the world would find the blonde indecisive girl with the pink gun offensive??!!” Shortly after returning home, the husband decided that he wanted to visit the police station in order to ask the officer some follow up questions about the incident. So we jumped in the car, at this point I had already posted about the incident on twitter and facebook, and we were watching the responses. One of our friends had even called the location to find out more details and to share their displeasure over our treatment.

Once at the station we were greeted by polite and friendly officers who we struck up fun conversation with while we waited for the other office to return from the field. There was an officer in training at the front desk, but he was still aware that we were completely legal to be carrying inside the lobby, he asked the husband “so what are you carrying” seeing only part of the holster while sitting down. While we waited we discussed crossbreed hoslters, different firearms training events in the area, and our mutual love and appreciate for Glocks.

After a few moments the officer showed up. The husband wanted to ask him some follow-up questions specifically asking about what had occurred. He explained that we left immediately to alleviate the discomfort of the workers, but that we wanted to know, if it were a manager who had asked us to leave, and if we were barred from the property. The officer shared that it was an acting manager who felt uncomfortable due to the lateness of the hour, but that we were not banned, and no intentions of banning firearms. The officer was also extremely polite and shared that he completely understands our legal right to carry and reported that he discussed with the workers that we were doing nothing wrong, and if they wanted to ban carry they needed to have a sign.

On the way home we realized that the specific store was probably open for few more minutes, and we wanted to stop by and discuss with them. We were very careful to say that we did not apologize for carrying our firearms, but that we wanted to know if there was anything specific about our behavior or speech that made them uncomfortable. This worker who was “in charge” for the evening explained that the other worker who had made our subs fled to the back of the store crying, and hyperventilating. (From her description a type of anxiety/panic attack). Therefore, as the lead worker she called another manager who then decided based on the response of the other worker to call the officer to ask us to leave. The worker who was still there was very polite and explained that she felt very comfortable with us, and it was not her intention to call the cops on us. We introduced ourselves on our way out, and she promised that she’d contact her fellow worker to share that we’d stopped by and been friendly. (As a future counselor it broke my heart to hear that she has unresolved issues that were triggered by our everyday actions. It makes me concerned for her, I don’t want to see her have any more emotional attacks like this as the husband and I regularly see several other people open carrying around this town.)

I would say what started out as an interesting situation has turned in a very beneficial encounter!

Watched Beauty and the Beast 3D

So, I had been stalking the dollar theatre’s website to find out when Beauty and the Beast 3D would finally be showing. See, I saw Lion King 3D at the regular cinema and paid $14.00 only to find out a few months later I could have seen it for like $3.00. I figured that I’d be smarter this time. I’ve been waiting for months now…even to the extent of calling the place twice to confirm that they would definitely be getting the movie. I guess it should figure that the universe decided it’d be funny if I saw it twice in one day. And trust me, I may like Beauty and the Beast…but I don’t like it enough to plan to see it in theatres twice on the same day…pretty sure I’ve never ever seen two movies at the cinema in one day.

It was a scheduling fluke. I’d been planning to see it with my Italy Team since during our free time in Italy we’d sing Disney songs…then, our returned friend contacted my husband to plan a surprise double date. The husband and I could not be happier that they’ve returned, since in college they were always the couple that we double dated with to see movies, go out to eat, and simply get off campus when we were overwhelmed with the cfaw’ers crawling over our campus. So, how could I say “no” to that? So, that is how I ended up seeing it at 2:20 and 9:20 pm!

We met our friends at Cici’s where I never get to eat because the husband is not a fan. This also meant that I was able to keep up with this idea that I should eat one salad a day. I’ve been able to continue this since Applebee’s on Thursday. I had a mishap at Cici’s that I was not quick enough to photograph. Word to the wise…before turning containers of bacon bits upside down over your salad and shaking it violently, it might be important to double check that the lid is tightly screwed on. My salad got into a fight with the bacon bits, and it lost terribly.

After lunch we wandered around at some local shops before the movie. At the movies I saw one of those photo booth things, but this one was themed for the Hunger Games. On one hand I wondered, “why?” on the other at least a little bit of me wanted to do it. I was pleasantly surprised at the movie. I’m not sure if it is because its been like 20 years since the last time that I saw it on the big screen, but it felt different. It appeared that some of the graphics and scenery were redone in order the highlight the 3D, for the first time I noticed a lot of the background details. After the movie we went our separate ways, but ended up getting ice cream together and then lounging at their house before my next showing.

I was already so sleepy that part of me regretted planning to see this movie twice, especially since I had planned the event with my Italy Team. However, as soon as I saw my teammates I was so excited! There ended up being 11 of us, three of which were guys on the trip! We ended up almost filling an entire row, in the very front. Throughout the movie there were random bits of laughter and various comments made from the far side of the group (where the guys were). Apparently, I found out after the movie that one of the guys actually screamed and jumped when the wolves were attacking Belle. I’m pretty sure that we all would have paid $4.00 just to watch him watch this movie. His neighbors also managed to tie his shoe laces together without him noticing.

Being with my team again made me miss Italy so much! I also received an email this weekend from one of the missionaries there. They have finalized the location of their new church plant in a new city, and it will hold its first service on Easter! I am just humbled to be able to be apart of this ministry again! One of these days I will have to blog and post pictures about my experiences!