Won a Photo-Shoot!

I actually started the “draft” version of this post back in November, because around that time frame is when everything actually began. I was on facebook, and I saw that a DevinOlsonMedia was offering a promotion for how many facebook friends their facebook page had accrued. So, I “liked” their page, thinking little of it because I never tend to win promotions like that, and later I was contacted that we won! I was sooo excited because I love having photos, and I had been an unrealistic bride not understanding a limited amount of time and how long it actually takes to shoot several photos/locations, etc. This award was very timely, because I really wanted to do an outdoor shoot at a local park with all of the beautiful fall foliage, so I would call this a “2nd Anniversary- We Did” photo shoot.

I had met Devin while on campus, he was dating (and eventually married) a sweet lady I lived on a hall with, so I saw them around on campus. Devin was also well known for the monthly videos that he produced (which I actually had the honor of being a part of my senior year, standing on top of what is now the Tower Theatre).

We were excited and a little nervous for our photoshoot. With getting photos taken, I think there can be nerves wondering if the photographer will really be able to capture the couple, and even just the awkwardness of posing, but not feeling/looking posed. Working with Devin was great! He was really able to set us at ease and quickly understand us as a “goofy” couple. So, he suggested a lot of fun poses where we were just playing (like throwing the leaves at each other) and it felt like we were just having fun, instead of being fake and posing for pictures. As a bonus, Devin was even comfortable with us carrying our firearms, and allowed us to be ourselves in that way. (We were sure some photographers would have felt weird about us carrying, or not wanted us to for a social media promotional award). We really enjoyed the experience, and would recommend his skills/services.

Once the photos were taken (we waited a little while to schedule until the fall colors were at their peak), Devin quickly uploaded copies of the images for us to chose our favorites that he would edit. He said that those would take awhile to edit. However, he completed those much quicker than anticipated, and had provided us with digital copies within the next few days! I linked above, but you can get to his website at www.devinolson.com.

For the photoshoot, we decided to be nice but casual, including the hubster wearing a tshirt, jeans and his favorite giant boots. As much as I adore the epic enchanted fake wedding pictures in bridal magazines, I realized that the best pictures would be real-life representations. Here are some of our favorites, and I know many of you have seen the pictures we’ve been tagged in on our facebook profiles.

My glock 19 with the pink grip, and husband’s  357 magnum
I honestly feel like a wizard in this picture, lol.
Practicing a princess twirl
My Cinderella shoes from the wedding
I love swings!
This is probably my favorite picture. I was so glad that Devin didn’t think I was silly for wanting to incorporate this item from our wedding. I love the look of the clear Cinderella shoes with the diverse bright autumn colors.