Defied Gravity at Broadway’s “Wicked”

A few weekends ago I had the opportunity to see a traveling Broadway production of “Wicked.” I was super excited due to all of the rave reviews. Wicked, if you don’t know, is the story of how the Wicked Witch became the Wicked Witch, and the land of Oz before Dorothy arrived.

The husband and I did this to celebrate our 2 year anniversary. The show was not actually playing in our city, so it was actually another one we had to drive out to see.

We got there a little early so we walked around in the Capitol. I had not anticipated how early we would actually get there (I thought that traffic would be worse), so I had not looked up restaurant information near the theatre. We wandered around for a little while until the hubster asked a local where to eat. The local suggested his favorite greasy Italian place. We got there, it was this little hole-in-the-wall place, but we ordered these yummy calzone type things. Mine had chicken, cheese, and broccoli in it! It was sooo good (I’m even hungry writing about it now). I only wish we had more time to eat it all!

We rushed to the theatre, which I’m pretty sure I’d been here before for some school field trip, or maybe to see the Nutcracker with my family, I’m not sure. It was actually a shrine in a former life.

I was excited when the show began. I actually got a snap shot of the curtain and the electronic dragon above the stage. I excitedly kept saying to the husband, “ohhhh! I bet it moves!!! Look, I can see them practicing with it! It moves! Maybe it even breathes fire!!!” I was distracted at the beginning of the performance as people were continually seated almost a half hour into the show!! I looked over to my person and said, “This is ridiculous!” in my most snobby way. He just laughed at me.

During intermission I was mulling over the performance when the husband says, “I liked Beauty and the Beast better. I think the music was better in that show.” I was shocked, I had thought that he did not like Beauty and the Beast (which we had seen on his birthday if you remember that post). But, that started me thinking, “What did I think of this show?” And honestly, it took me awhile to figure that out.

First of all, this was the first Broadway performance/musical that I have seen in which I have not already seen the show as a movie/ been in the performance. I was very familiar with the general plot and the musical scores, however I was completely surprised by the “Animals should be seen and not heard” and putting animals in cages. Due to this seemingly sneaky presentation of this idea (which could completely be simply a fantastical idea in this fantasy world) the possibility of it representing the worldview ideas of “Animal Rights” disturbed us as a hidden agenda. (We tend to be critical of all worldviews presented in movies/media, especially those involving liberal politics).

Secondly, I think another idea that is presented in this show is the fluidity of the ideals of good and evil. Some of the characters that are thought of as evil are revealed to be “good” throughout the progression of the musical, while the “good” characters are revealed to be “evil.” While I think this is an interesting concept, to analyze how we understand good vs evil, I think that it is also important to understand that this could lead us to the idea that there are no labels of “good” or “evil.”

The show was well done overall. The audience really loved each and every Wizard of Oz pun; I think that we were in the audience with a bunch of “already fans.” I personally, loved the music. All of the songs achieve that level of “epic-ness” that you expect from a musical.  I walked around for days singing the tunes in my head, and aloud randomly around the apartment. “Its all about pop-u-lar…” “It’s time to try defying gravity…”

However, I think Beauty and the Beast is still my favorite :0), mostly due to the fact that I adore that story inside and out.

When we returned home, we found out that my Mother-In-Law had decorated the apartment with streamers, and gotten me a birthday cake! Since we won’t be visiting them this year in December (like we did last year). She wanted to celebrate my birthday in person. It was sooo cute! She said that the gifts were “silly fun gifts.” I loved them! They were all Disney princess Belle themed. Including: a belle musical figurine, photo album, stickers, note pad, a Christmas ornament, and a little dress up doll! She told me that when buying one of the gifts the cashier asked her, “Oh, is this for your grand daughter” hahaha. I’m glad, though, that my Mother-in-Law agrees that I’m not too old to like Disney princesses.

Been an Animal

Earlier tonight I was doing some reading for a class that I just started about drug addictions. One of the passages that struck my attention was:

“But humans do not live by logic alone; we are social animals who like to impress each other, and we are pleasure-seeking animals. These factors help explain why people do some of the things they shouldn’t, including using drugs” (Hart & Ksir, 2003, p.19).

This reminded me of an experience I had in August. I was in Maryland for a family reunion of my husband’s kin. We decided to take a day trip to the Baltimore Aquarium. I am entirely geeky so I love that sort of thing, plus I was nostalgic because I had been to this Aquarium as a 7th grader, and later in Governor’s School.

While checking out the Sting Ray section one of the staffers was talking about how sharks are “misunderstood” and have a bad reputation; that the sharks only attack when humans are in their areas, that we need to “respect sharks and their space.” Then, ending our tour through this giant aquarium I saw this informational kiosk to explain all of the different types of Animals in the fish tank.

Now, I can be very smart-alikey. I am the kind of person who would have commented when she saw a person in the tank cleaning it “now he’s not listed on the kiosk!” But, I still think that this can be proclaiming a worldview that is especially encroaching on my generation. In school we learned that humans are part of the Animal “family” because biologically that is where we “fit.” However, then people like adapting this idea further and saying that we have animal natures, instincts, etc. When, in thinking about it, we as humans decided that we were the most like Animals. God, who created us NEVER called us Animals. He, specifically, named us something different HUMAN. We are HUMANS with sinful natures, never have we ever been considered Animals. That thought just really opened my mind to the sneakiness of scientific worldviews. I think its cool knowing that God set us apart and made us different from the rest of creation, in HIS Image. That means that we are more like Him, than we are the rest of creation.

Other pictures from that trip:

This reminded me of marsh mucking and learning about the Chesapeake Bay in the Tidewater!
Its a Dory Fish! Yes, I still say this as an adult, and kids look at me funny. For the record I do know that it is a Hippo Tang.
The manly men!
Me and the husband
The Italian side :0)

And a bonus video:

Celebrated 2 Years of Marriage !

On this day two years ago, the hubster and I got married! (Mawwage is wat bwings us togefer, todahy, wuv, twu wuv, that bwessed awwwangement….)

Its kind of exciting! I can’t believe its been two years…and five total that we’ve been together. Can I say, that marriage is definitely a growing process?

We are going out to see Wicked later this week, but we decided to go out to eat tonight. However, once we both got home from work we realized that we were really too tired to go out to eat. So, the husband says, “well we can just go to Olive Garden later this week…” Instead, I googled, and it so happens that Olive Garden’s full menu is available “to go.” So, I said we could do this on one condition…there had better be some Olive Garden bread sticks included (which, is the only thing I was disappointed in from the “to go” box….you only get four bread sticks. However, pluses include the full menu, prices are the same, you get a giant salad with which you get crutons and grated asiago cheese packets, your entree, as well as yummy Andes after dinner mints. Basically, you almost get the full experience of eating in the restaurant)

I guess then, that the husband and I have already turned into old fogies who’d rather eat a home than go out. Me, I’m happy eating Italian food with my favorite Italian :0). Here’s to a lifetime of comfy dinners spent at home!