Experienced an Earthquake!

Today was a new first experience. I was sitting in our office in our new location (more about that later) with a coworker working on sorting pictures from this past summer’s trips. All of a sudden there is some shaking and she says while giggling, “There is an elephant running through the office…look the tree is shaking!” And we dismissed it for construction that they are always doing on campus.  A few minutes later our supervisor contacts us via messenger (she was working from home today). She types, “Did you feel that?” We laugh and think she sent the message to the wrong person. Then she says, “There was a miniquake…everyone from campus is talking about it!” Suddenly, we understand. The next hour was spent receiving phone calls and text messages who felt the quakes as far north as PA and Upstate New York and found out that it began in VA. However, it was far enough away that we just felt some shaking.

Among other things I am sooo behind on sharing about this summer! I know I know I know I planned on sharing about all my trips and learning from it and and… I’m sorry. But, I have pictures!

Amazing bead lady!

Throughout most of the summer I was working in the office helping to ensure all of the students finished    their fundraising and turning in of paperwork. (This required stalking at times). One of our projects this summer was creating 1200-1400 wordless bead packets for all of our 7 missions teams. One woman in our office beasted this project by herself. Other projects include procuring all of the supplies from Sam’s to make camp run (food, paper products, etc) and our supplies from storage.

Then of course, I was actually finally in Italy! (Which..if you are really zealous for pictures and stories you can view my Dailybooth account which I updated daily while in Italy.)  This was such an amazing experience. I cannot wait to share about it. To summarize, seriously the best mission trip experience that I have ever had. God did something really major in my life. I’m praying about going back next summer as a leader. We’ll see I have my interview next week and I’ll discuss it with my directors.

I returned from Italy and planned to sleep for a week. To my surprise we were able to work in the office before the semester began. Apparently, flexibility is a life thing and not just a “mission trip thing.” In the words of gps: Recalculating, Recalculating!! I enormously enjoyed seeing everyone back at work, and it was easier to battle through the cold that I got (because my immune system decided that it could stop being tough once I got home from camp) to get into a schedule and routine.

This is what happens when the spoons are packed away…

By that Wednesday we found out that we were going to be moving to the other side of campus. So, Thursday was spent packing boxes before I drove with Hubster to Maryland for a family reunion. It was awesome! (I was worried because I felt too tired to be nice and cheery and peppy, but it was really refreshing!) We went to the Baltimore Aquarium with cousins and my husband’s siblings–it was a ton of fun! It reminded me of school…and yes I do know that it is officially a “Hippo Tang” but I still prefer to call it a “Dory Fish” ;0).

The Italian side of the family :0)

Then, we left the family reunion early to speak at my home church for my youth director’s retirement service. It was a last minute addition to our plans, but I am so humbled by their asking me to share that I couldn’t say “no.” It was neat to see everybody and by the end we were tearing up over this amazing woman who as mentored us through our awkward drama filled teen years.

So, since then I’ve been trying to get back into regular life. This means being at work getting ready for another year of trips, another semester of classes, back to campus and all the roads in the city being busy ALL THE TIME, and among other things doing this while setting up our offices the best that we know how as we wait on cubicles to organize into the finishing touches.

How I became known as the “XI girl with the tactical knife”

I will definitely catch back up to all of my promised summer posts. And hopefully back to my book blog. I am sooo excited to see what God is going to do this year. I love the missions organization that I work with (let alone the awesome people that make it function ;0) ) I’m still nervous about whatever I’m supposed to be doing for my internship next semester…I have no idea, and not a lot of ideas on how I’m supposed to find a place. However, knowing how God worked my participation with XI when that was my youth ministry internship, into something much more than I could ever have imagined, gives me hope and encouragement that God is God and He knows all :0)