Taken Gummie Vitamins

Remember those chewable flintstone vitamins that you used to eat as kids? I remember them very well and its really the only time that I’ve taken vitamins regularly.

The husband has been sick since Saturday night/ Sunday morning (his last shift for the week), with a sinusy/cough/congestion. He’s been hoping to kick it through spending his “weekend” sleeping. Unfortunately it was still there. So, we went to Wal-Mart to get some vitamins, and I figured I’d take some too. The directors of Xtreme Impact (the missions organization that I work with) are currently out of the country leading a trip to Costa Rica, leaving the rest of the staff and volunteers to prepare for our final large  promotional event called College For a Weekend. I do not anticipate any problems,  all of the staff have participated in these events several times, however it does mean that I need to be on my A-game and NOT be sick.

Yes, those are officially horse pills!

The gummies definitely bring back the fun aspect of “taking your vitamins.” However, this also would make them really easy to overdoes on. I would not worry about overdosing on “C” that is water soluble…it will just get flushed out of your system. Vitamin “D”, on the other hand, is fat-soluble meaning that your body will store it longer. Thus, it is very easy to overdoes on. My friend found that out the hard way, she was taking a multi-vitamin and an additional supplement, and she felt sick/nauseated and finally figured it out. This could be especially dangerous for children, as the vitamins look and taste like candy. Currently though, I’d like to find a complete “multi-vitamin” in gummie format.I

n other news! I actually had a pretty ridiculously productive weekend (after being tortured in day long classes for two weeks!)

Notice all of those crossed off things!

I even folded a huge pile of laundry that had been washed and left in a chair  in the office for about two weeks!

After, all folded.

Being productive meant that I actually created a meal plan for the week in advance. That meant that by Sunday I already had a grocery list prepared! (Instead of the usual method of deciding that we need food and shopping while we are hungry. The only thing that jumps at you then is junk food, not the ingredients to make dinners).

Unfortunately, the planning of meals was not conducive with sick husband, who would rather be eating soup than anything else. I was able to find a quick recipe to replace my planned out meal for the night. I modified this recipe *Click Here* to make this:

Pre-baked, before the bisquick topping
I improvised. I used bisquick pancake mix instead of just bisquick
Easy, Quick Chicken Pot Pie.

It was Husband approved! And I appreciate that it was extremely simple! (I am still a very basic level cook). After eating he just went back to sleep. Hopefully, the poor guy will be feeling better soon, and I will be able to avoid his sick germs :0(

Been Accused Of a Hit and Run

During my intensives, I had a really interesting experience happen: I was accused of a Hit and Run vehicle accident.

4 Police Cars in total showed up at our Apartment!

I was driving home from school after my intensive (such long days!), I was on the highway and someone was trying to merge in front of me, leaving me to quickly merge into the other lane. The car rocked (I was doing the speed limit of 65 mph). I looked up in the rearview mirror and I realized that I had almost had an accident. I quickly sent up a “thank you prayer” for protection.

About an hour after I got home there was a knock at the door. My husband was getting ready for work, and he thought it was his friend and shift mate coming to say “hi.” I hear a different authoritative voice and I creep into the hall way to listen. I quickly realize that this is a police officer wanting to discuss a high way incident with my husband.

I go outside to talk with them and explain what happened. However, I specifically tell them that to my knowledge our vehicles never connected. The police officer goes back to his car to call in for back up (customary when someone (my husband) is carrying a firearm), and to call the person who was accusing me of the Hit and Run.

While sitting on the porch watching the extra officers arrive (there ended up a total of 4 cars) and their deliberation, my husband tells me “don’t freak out if they take you out of here in handcuffs”. I’m like, “what?” (At least though I was too exhausted from the day to become too stressed out by this). Apparently a Hit and Run is considered  a felony charge, and could lead to going to jail if that person wanted to press criminal charges.

This is where there would have been damage, but there is definitely nothing that shows a side swipe at 65mph.

However, God was beyond looking out for me on this day. It was determined by the police officers upon inspection of my vehicle that no contact had occurred. They called the person back and told them that my car was not the one they were looking for. And I just focused on calming myself down for the rest of the night. Hopefully my weeks will be less eventful than this!

Tips for others: Cameras, voice recorders, and other types of devices are really important when dealing in these types of legal manners. That way, the matter never has to be a “he said” “she said” between you and an LEO or any other person.

Eaten at Sweet Frog

There is this new local dessert shop that sells frozen yogurt. I have heard people talk about it, knowing that I’d eat there eventually. I had the perfect opportunity when someone suggested that we have our weekly staff meeting there.

Cue crazy picture taking!

I don’t even know if I’ve ever eaten frozen yogurt before. Basically, its a nice sweet dish. At this place its sort of a self serve buffet with the frozen yogurt and all kinds of yummy toppings. Then, at the register they weigh your creation. It unfortunately does add up.

I don’t think buffet candy bar topics are the safest thing for me….
Guys: Beware! This is a very pink location

Open Carried at the General Assembly Building

Me, with my Pink Glock! One day it may actually be pink

In Richmond, on Martin Luther King day, there is a political event known as Lobby Day. This is a day where without having an appointment with our state representatives we can lobby (at the General Assembly Building) for different works we would like them to accomplish during their term.

The President of VCDL. Phillip VanCleave

A group that my husband and I are members are called VCDL (Virginia Citizen’s Defense League) and are a gun rights group focused on VA’s state rights.

Now, my husband and I actually attended this event last year. However, I had just recently applied for my conceal carry permit (the requirements to open – carry in this particular building) so I could not bring my firearm. But, this year I had my permit!

We have a special entrance where we do not have to go through the metal detectors when we have our CHP

I am not hugely into politics. I blame this new found interest in my Husband. He is very politically motivated, often listening to Fox, or other news sources so much that if I did not have a clue about politics I would loose the ability to talk with my husband. (Okay, so that is definitely an exaggeration…it probably is actually due more so to my pride of having to be able to make herself competently part of conversations).

Our local legislator’s assistant

This day’s event involved listening to different speakers at a rally, and individually meeting with our local representatives to share our views. Despite my often disinterest in politics, this year I felt more engaged. It is really neat to think about this political process within our nation. We have the ability to discuss legislation with the people who represent us, to really be an active part of the political process. I do believe that this is the type of thing that more people should participate in.

The office is even pretty! There are many paintings and flowers
Part of the process involves waiting for the representative to be available.
Where we ate for lunch. Very very good!
For the record, this sign is really stopping people. At least it stops us from frequenting such establishments. I believe this was either a restaurant or a movie theatre.
The one picture I was officially permitted to take.
My club wrap lunch and chips

Eaten at Outback Steakhouse

A few months ago, my husband was doing a firearm training event with some friends. After the shooting and training event, a few of them were mentioning wanting to eat and thinking about steak. The idea came about to go to Outback Steakhouse. I love steaks, so I think its really weird that I was 23 and neither my husband or  I eaten at this restaurant.

Enter, the picture taking freak :0) (And I was also playing with the “theme mode:food” on my camera. It lets you adjust the color so I guess the picture ends up looking normal. And, for the record, the fact that there is a “food theme” on my camera means that I am definitely not the only person who likes to take pictures of what I eat.

The Blooming Onion. I have heard people rant and rave about this dish. I was not disappointed.
For the record, this is really weird looking bread. But still very yummy.
My steak!

Speaking of steak, I just thought of an interesting story. I am a girl who tends to surprise waiters and waitresses with her food choices. I have led my life to believe that my goal is to make up for all of the girls who “do not” eat. (Lately with my more sedentary life style this has become more of a problem…but thats another blog). One time back home, I was at Apple Bee’s with a longtime practically older brother, friend. We were going out to eat. We placed our orders, and when the food was brought out to us, they tried giving him my order of steak with loaded fries and giving me his lean pasta and salad combo. He had been a waiter a few times, and he said that often waiters will try to guess what their guests will order. My friend said that I probably completely surprised his expectations of what I would order, hence the mix up when the waiter brought out our food.

For the record…if you’re hungry reading this..you’re not alone. *plans to convince husband to take her on a yummy date soon*

Seen inside a Tractor Trailer Truck

(Another Christmas Vacation Post).

Shortly after my husband and I returned home, it so happened that my mom and her new husband were doing a drop off near where we live. Through texting we were able to establish a meet up point!

I was able to actually climb inside the truck, something that I’d never done before. This is where they currently live. So if you see this, if you could remember to pray for their safety!

The inside looking left.
Center  and right of the cab area of the truck
We took them out to my Mom’s (and my) favorite restaurant, Olive Garden.
Saying goodbye.

Eaten at Tim Horton’s

(Another Christmas Vacation Post)

My husband is from the north, and so often I have heard of the amazing Tim Horton’s. One evening we had a mini date where we drank hot cocoa and ate yummy donuts. There were pretty awesome, I’m not gonna lie.

This was the “I hate pictures, please stop taking them while I am eating” photo. After this photo was the comment of, seriously,  people are starting to notice your bright flash.

Visited Lake Erie

(Another Christmas Vacation Post)

I love traveling and doing new things whenever I go places. So, when we were traveling to an Army Surplus store I saw the signs for Lake Erie and begged for a photo op! Luckily, both my Mother-in-law, and husband are well used to this by now :0)

First of all, some neat pictures from the Army surplus store…who knew the North could have such conservative values?

It was actually even more like a museum with their different displays.
My kind of Santa
I keep threatening to pinkify my Husband’s AR-15. One day, hun, one day ;0)
I like the idea of pink guns, its the mix of the feminine and the masculine. For the record, in this State I am not even permitted to ‘look’ at these firearms unless I have a State concealed carry permit.
Yes I do. And we did buy this.

Then, they obliged my moment. For the record, it was really really cold!

Baked Cookies with my Mother -in- Law

(A Christmas Vacation post)
I remember during premarital counseling, discussing  different topics as they would apply to our marriage. One topic was awesome to discuss, my in-laws! So many people struggle with their spouse’s family and parents, I am beyond blessed to say that I do not. (I mean everyone has their moments, but) My husband’s parents are sweet and enjoyable people to be around. Here are some moments that his mom and I shared over Christmas break while we were staying with them.

Yes, I had tons of fun making a mess!
I enjoy eating cookie dough.
It is sooo much fun to feed peanut butter to puppies! Daisy left, Zeke (my Husband’s boyhood beagle-mix) is on the right.
I was glad, some of their lights weren’t working, so they had delayed decorating the tree. I enjoy sentimental acts like that. The husband does not, and was the one taking pictures.
She even showed me how to make a homemade Italian Lasagna. Its neat to see how this family recipe has changed in generations. She makes it easier on herself and prepares it the day before. The time in the fridge allows the noodles to soak up liquid from the sauce before baking. I have yet to try this recipe, but I promise that when I do I’ll share the moment with you all!
Daisy also enjoyed the Northern snow, and chasing the large populations of deer across the street. It was a confirmation of her Beagle heritage to hear her baying.

Enrolled In a Graduate-Level Intensive Class

Intensive: A class taught in a one-week format, usually from 8:15 am till 4:30 pm (with a few breaks in between) with assignments before and after the class ends.

Class: COUN 610 – Human Sexuality

Program: Masters in Professional Counseling (60 Hrs)

This is my first intensive! I took one in my undergraduate career, and I really enjoyed it…especially when being on my laptop and planning my wedding went with the class theme of “Marriage and Family” ;0) This class, however, I have not been tempted or bored enough to search the web or keep  up with work. My program consists of 5 classes that I have to take on campus instead of the online format. Being in class today, hearing guest lecturers, and participating in class discussions made me realize how much I miss residential class interaction. I am an academic nerd and am fully willing to admit it. So I, like a crazy tourist in a foreign country, took random pictures to share (and record) my experience!

So this may be the abuse that my reference books receive after being used as sources to write a paper :-/

My day started finishing a paper for a class that had just ended, and finishing other pre-class assignments. I stayed up till 1 am ish, until I realized that my paper was not going to be stretched from 13 pages to 15 pages and turned it in as is. (Unfortunately). I awoke early to get to class and get a decent parking space.

No, I was not the first person to arrive to class. I was officially the 2nd.  Though…that is my stuff in the front row. I won’t deny my nerdiness.
My class started at 8:15 am…I was a little early.
Extension cords, and power strips are a MUST for these classes!
Free Snacks! (Besides the fact this actually comes from tuition and fees) This snack and coffee buffet continued for two more tables and include all types of snacks and event fruit for the health conscious.

Then, they served us a free lunch for listening to propaganda for Liberty in the reconstructed football stadium. I had actually never visited that side of the stadium in person, tending to avoid campus during busy events like football games.

The outdoor patio, to which the doors were locked :0(
Free catered lunch from Charley’s (again not really free, earned by listening to propaganda and  through tuition fees). Funny story about said lunch…My professor was in the buffet line behind me. I used the serving spoon to get the vegetables, and neglected to force it back in and balance it. It fell out onto his shoe. He just laughed and accused me of throwing things at him.

After lunch, we had the privileged of skyping with the author of one of our textbooks. He spoke about a few things and then opened up the floor for Q & A.

Such a cool way to use technology. The prof (Dr. John Thomas) is in the front on the cell phone because technology was being demon possessed at first (which, when husband heard, he rushed to class to fix it, but just as he got there Dr. Thomas figured it out. My man still gets points for being selfless and gallantly rescuing my education experience.
It is beyond cool to me that I was able to ask the author of this book a specific question I had while reading his book and studying the material!
Front cover of said textbook

Another activity we participated in was writing down all of the slang words we could think of for certain sexual topics. My group’s word was “Breast” I’ll admit, we had it pretty easy. Other topics included: Oral sex, Intercourse sex, Penis, Vagina, Masturbation, and Buttocks. I’ll admit, it was actually a fun project because I don’t use words like that, and it was neat to reflect on the slang terms.

I’m sorry if that makes any of you feel uncomfortable. The purpose of the assignment is not advocacy in the use of any of those words, however as future counselors we need to be able to “not flinch” when a client may be using one of those terms.

We also heard from a live guest lecturer who struggles with same-sex attraction and has AIDs. It was really encouraging to hear his testimony. His name is Jonathan Ervin and if you’re interested I suggest you visit his website click here or read his book “The Secret Place” (I have not yet read it, this review is based on the Prof’s recommendation)

So far taking this class has definitely reaffirmed my interest in relationships and marriage counseling. (Though I still have no idea what God is leading me to do….my experience in this class may just be helpful to instill an educated Christian understanding through sex education to teens). It is so sad to see how the Church has really dropped the ball in explaining the beauty of sex that God designed. (If you do not believe that He made sex for enjoyment…please go read Song of Solomon and learn more about female anatomy). Instead, the Church has separated the physical act from the spiritual one, much like the world and media have separated the spiritual act from the physical one. We need to arrive at understanding that sex involves the soul, body, and spirit. I’m looking forward to the rest of the classes, we will be having other guest lectures and skype video calls, while learning tons of important information!

Note: There are a lot of blogs that I have yet to post still from Christmas Break! and early this Year!! Hopefully I’ll be able to take the time to share them all soon.

God Bless :0)