Seen sooo many Jeans in my LiFE!

So there are many joys and benefits in the beautiful institution that God has created called marriage. But there are also a lot of slow and painful developments of merging two lives together. (mostly being funny/sarcastic ;0) )

Tonight, I got frustrated about a situation, and my new plan when I am frustrated with the hubster, our lives, or our relationship is to clean (it is very productive! I especially recommend finding grime that you’ve been meaning to scrub away). So, I decided to finally get him to go through all of his pants…including a pile in a University themed laundry bag that I promise has been sitting next to our bed for the entirety of our year and a couple of months of marriage. He has gone through some of these clothes piles before…usually though the good will piles end up mixed in with everything, or the piles “to be tried on” sit on the floor never to be “tried on.” I decided enough was enough.

The original ‘ok/keep’ pile.
The folded pile…24 pairs of pants total!

To be fair there are also 8 pairs of shorts, and easily several pairs of pants/jeans waiting to be washed! I just couldn’t believe he had so many pairs of pants, especially when his mom asked him what he wanted for Christmas, the answer was more jeans!

The shock led to just laughing. The hubster defended keeping so many pairs of pants, because his college plan was to be able to not have to wash clothes for multiple months at a time. (That is fairly decent logic) That is the funniest part! He could care less about clothes, he goes outside with his pants and shirts wrinkled and doesn’t care. lol.

Comparatively, I have maybe 10 pairs of pants…generally I wear 2-3 on a regular basis. To be fair, I’m a girl and my weight tends to fluctuate¬† so I have to buy new shorts/pants every six months. The hubster says that some of those pants he has had since he was a freshman in high school, oh to have such a slow metabolism and be a stick!

I decided to mention this, because we were laughing about it by the end of it, thus it is a funny story about random aspects of married life. (To be fair…I have tons of stuff in my closet that I need to ‘thin out’ I’m just waiting until I get to a more desired fit.) Also, I really want to know, am I crazy? How many pairs of pants do you wear/own?

*Disclaimer* Hubster got to read with the ability to edit any aspect of this post. I love and respect him, and do not mean to demean him through this insight into newly married life.

Been a fan of entropy.

Entropy…in a very very simplified definition is the idea that everything in the universe tends towards disorder. (I think I studied this in different sciences including Chemistry and Physics).

In my personal life..this means that there is always dirt/dust everywhere, the catbox to clean up, dirty dishes, dirty laundry, folding and other chores to be done (at least that is the way that it feels). It has felt especially this way the past few weeks as my classes have started again, and I have started a new work position. (Technically, I was already working with this organization…but now I am official paid part time staff, and learning many new responsibilities). So I am still figuring out the balance of being a full time graduate student, full time wife, and working part time outside of the home. I do not do well with the drudgery of housewifeness and chores. Or I just like being lazy on my days off and watching tv shows. Oh, one of these days I will have a system..

I kind of wish that I lived in a fairy tale…

Note: While writing this blog post is not actually helping my productivity in my fight against the natural disorder process of the universe…I think that venting about it does make me feel better. :0)