Been Too Old to Be a Disney Princess

Last week I turned 23! One of my recent friends also had her birthday a few days before mine. On a whim we decided it’d be fun to have a birthday party together…once the theme of “belle: disney princess” was decided we ran with it.

The husband saw this and remarked that it looked like the birthday party of a six year old, not a 23 year old.
For the record, Belle is the best :0)
Found randomly at Wal-Mart, and purchased. Despite that we ate maybe a 1/6th of the cake. Also, I almost forgot to make a wish before blowing out the candles it had been so long since I blew out candles on a cake.
Watching Beauty and the Beast.

You really should watch Disney movies once you’re older, you will have a vastly different experience. Things we realized about Beauty and the Beast: the funny look the horse gives her when Belle is asking him questions, Lumiere is SUCH a player, Cogsworth has anxiety problems, and… get this…the Beast is the original emo monster (predating Twilight). Basically…the Beast was going to let Gaston stab him, because he had no reason to live (codependent, much?). At that scene I screamed out “Beast is Edward Cullen.” Also, Belle-Bella, heh eh?

The next day was my actual birthday:

Daisy kept me company (and my feet warm) as I spent most of the day working on homework and papers. PS I got a 100 on the paper that I was working on during my thanksgiving dinner preparations :0)
It snowed!
Okay it “sprinkled”

And I ended the evening at a Christmas party for the missions organization that I work with. We played tons of games like wrapping teammates up in wrapping paper, guessing Christmas traditions around the world, and guessing the names of Christmas Carols. All of that while eating yummy food and watching Elf.