Hosted My Own Thanksgiving..

Until this past Monday that is!

My husband works nights, and was working on Thanksgiving, so we were not planning on seeing family. I discussed this with a friend and she also had to work on Thanksgiving and was not seeing family till that following Saturday/Sunday. So, we decided to throw our own, on the Monday before Thanksgiving.

We cooked everything at my place. (Basically, I wanted the amazing smell of thanksgiving to linger around my place.) We split some of the preparation between the few friends who attended, but my friend and I made most of everything in our day long cooking fest. Here are the pics:

The Preparations
Making the Pie, and the Man of the House taking out the Trash
She has such a pretty laugh and smile! :0)
And, did I mention? The perfect example of domesticity…she cross-stiches.
Does anyone else LOVE the way your hands smell after you cut potatoes?? I do!!
Working on homework…Grad school kicks my butt, while watching for the potatoes to boil.
Using my Trifle bowl for the first time.
And she even made sure the dishes got done…I was definitely okay with putting them off, after all of that cooking.

In retrospect a picture of everyone would have been nice, but some of the guests were more camera shy. Also, due to this event being dinner during the week, there was not a lot of time to socialize and lounge that is characteristic of Thanksgiving Day, itself. However, definitely went well :0) I hope to do this again in the future.

PS pre-prepared ham (and our friends bringing turkey and corn) is such a win! It meant that we had more time to make the mashed potatoes, rolls, stuffing, pumpkin pie, gravy, chocolate peppermint trifle, and green bean casserole.

YUM :0)