Donated My Hair with Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths

When I was a teenager it became a big deal to donate one’s hair to be made into a wig, to be given to cancer patients without hair. This is something that I’ve always wanted to do, but back them most of the regulations stated that your donated hair needed to be at least 12inches and it couldn’t be dyed, so I never did it. The last time that I cut my hair was after my car stalled in April of 2011, ever since then I thought it would be fun to let it grow out. Husband prefers it longer, however I tend to chop it off before my overseas trips because shorter hair is so much easier to manage! This past summer I decided not to cut it before my Italy 2012 trip, and figured I’d let it grow out and chop it off that following winter. While out with a previous co-worker from Xtreme Impact I discovered that she also was hoping to donate her hair, so we figured it would be something fun to do together! (We’re always saying we need to get together and we never do).

Before we chopped off our hair to donate to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths program.

So, the Tuesday before Thanksgiving we decided to go to Supercuts to donate our hair to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths Program. Previously, I was familiar with Locks For Love. However, after some research we decided to go with Pantene for various reasons: their program’s financial policies are more transparent, all of the hair is given to the American Cancer Society who then gives the wigs to the patients, and your hair can be at least eight inches. Here are the directions on their website: Most of my lengths ended up being 8-11 inches due to layers that were cut into my hair the previous time. Overall, this was a great experience, and exciting to be able to participate in something so worthwhile. I’ll be mailing my hair out to them soon. Also, I LOVE my short hair. It is nice that it doesn’t get tangled as easily, nor frizzy in the cold weather. I’ll probably be keeping this style for awhile :0)

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